november, 2017


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The Annual General Meeting will present the financial and activity reports for ADCA in 2016-17 and be followed by the presentation as below:

The Australian Energy Crisis

During 2017, Australian manufacturers were hit with increases in electricity and gas of between 200% and 300%. This is making many plants marginal, unprofitable and nonviable in the longer term. The spike in prices was caused by the closure of a number of coal fired generators and a shortage of domestic gas. Most manufacturers are hoping that in the next 12 months, prices will reduce to more manageable numbers. However, this is likely to be short lived. Another group of coal fired generators are expected to close in the early 2020’s, and this will set off another round of destructive price rises. The gas shortage has not been solved.

Even worse than energy price rises, will be the very real prospect of energy shortages and blackouts. Five years is not long enough to plan, agree, issue permits, finance, construct and install new electricity generating capacity and gas supply. There are no publicly available plans to do so, no costings and no reports that can give industry confidence in the future. Australian industry is facing a wipeout (and that includes Die Casting companies).

ADCA has been having many discussions with other manufacturing organisations and companies, who all recognise the consequences and threats and want to push hard to stop it from happening.

Please come along to this meeting so we can consolidate our ideas on how to take the urgent action needed for our survival.

Please ensure that the senior people in your organisation responsible for strategic planning are aware of this meeting and invite them to attend.

(Note: An ADCA committee meeting will precede the presentation, commencing at 4:00pm)


(Tuesday) 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Village Green Hotel, Mulgrave

Village Green Hotel, Mulgrave


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