Members of ADCA enjoy a wide range of activities and benefits which keep them abreast of new developments in the industry, both locally and internationally.


ADCA organises an annual program of technical and commercial presentations on a wide range of topics of interest to members and other people in the industry.

Typical topics include:  New Die casting machine developments, Tooling, New Materials, Die Release Agents, Vacuum Systems, Die Cooling, Alloys and their preparation, Defect Elimination, Government Incentives for Manufacturing, 3-D Printing and much more…

Plant Visits

Plant visits are a sometimes held instead of presentations and these are always popular and of great interest.


ADCA organises conferences on a national basis so that people in the industry can meet, exchange ideas, attend presentations and get up-to-date information on all aspects of Die Casting.

  • Technical and commercial papers
  • National and International presenters
  • Exhibitor Booths
  • Casting Displays
  • Industry Dinner
  • Government participation
  • Die Casting Research update
  • Sponsorship opportunities
Magazines and Newsletters

Every second month ADCA Members receive a printed magazine which keeps them informed of new developments and news from around the world.  Emailed newsletters notify people of coming events and any important developments in the industry.

Education and Training

A key objective of ADCA is to encourage and provide training and education to people in the industry. This includes in-depth seminars and training sessions on technical topics such as Die Design, Gating and Runner Design, Thermal Design, Porosity Elimination and more. We also make use of internet based technologies such as webinars, virtual meetings and online training so that our members have access to international experts wherever they are.

To find out more about becoming a member, or upcoming activities, email or call us today.