The Australian Die Casting Association, (also known as ADCA), is the focal point for companies and people in the industry to keep informed of new developments, technology, opportunities and contacts.

The objectives of the Association are to promote:

  • the advancement of the Australian die casting industry
  • the education and development of people in the industry
  • co-operation between the Association, the industry and Government

These objectives are met through:

  • regular branch meetings and plant visits
  • seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Distribution of Notices and Magazines
  • development and delivery of education programs
  • support for research and development programs


The Association is run by a National Council which coordinates decision making and organises activities for members.

Committee Members
The work of running the Association is done by a dedicated group of people who form the various committees and workgroups. We encourage all members to join the committee and contribute to ADCA being as an active organisation.

Research and Development
The Australian Die Casting Association has been an advocate for Research and Development activities in Die Casting since its inception.

 A little bit of History
The origins of ADCA go back to 1954 when a number of Die Casting companies were concerned about maintaining a good reputation for Die Casting by ensuring that only high purity zinc alloys were used. Since then ADCA has broadened its role and organised many thousands of events such as presentations, conferences, seminars, training courses and industry meetings.


The Australian Die Casting Association Incorporated, is a registered Association under the NSW State Government Office of Fair Trading, registration number 9885556.

Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is: 68 958 369 640