Research and Development

The Australian Die Casting Association (also known as ADCA) represents the Die Casting industry in Australia. The objectives of the Association are to promote research and development activities in Die Casting.

In 1971, the Die Casting industry, through the Australian Zinc Development Association, SDCEA, and the DIA, actively and effectively assisted in setting up the first serious R & D facility at CSIRO.

A small but dedicated team of research workers was brought together and very soon they began to produce findings and knowledge of lasting benefit to the Die Casting Industry. This information became available in the form of published papers, conference presentations and industrial reports and soon gained international recognition for its innovation and high standard. The industry also appreciated this work because much of it was done in close cooperation with Die Casting companies, and they could see the practical way it could be implemented.

This activity has continued to grow, and the benefits continue to accrue. It remains a prime focus of ADCA to encourage all Die Casting companies, whether big or small, to play a part in this vital activity. Participation in cooperative Research and Development enables both costs and benefits to be shared. People benefit by gaining new ways of thinking about manufacturing problems, and by being part of a widely based team, gain new skills in the process.

ADCA Research and Development Policy

Facilities for Research and Education