A Little Bit of History

The origins of ADCA go back to 1954 when a number of Die Casting companies were concerned about maintaining a good reputation for Die Casting by ensuring that only high purity zinc alloys were used. They came together and formed the Zinc Alloy Die Casters Association of Australia, also known as ZADCAA. For many years they operated the CertiZinc certification scheme which ensured that the participants were producing Die Cast components to the then existing Australian Standard H64-1962 and British Standard BS 1004. It was in effect an early version of the industry based quality assurance systems with which we are all so familiar today.

As successful as ZADCAA was, membership was only available to companies. In 1965 an organisation which catered to the needs of individuals was formed, the Society of Die Casting Engineers of Australia, also known as SDCEA. With its emphasis on technical knowledge and understanding, on education and research and development, it also became a very successful organisation.

In the late 1960’s, ZADCAA changed its name and widened its charter to take account of the growth of aluminium Die Casting. It then became the Diecasting Institute of Australia, also known as D.I.A., and retained its company based membership.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the D.I.A. and SDCEA continued to work together in many activities yet each continued to have its own membership base. In 1983, it was decided that there was little benefit in having two organisations in the same industry, and the decision was made to merge them together.

Hence there came into being the Australian Die Casting Association which carries on the fine traditions of both previous organisations, catering to the needs of both Companies and Individuals.